Project Pan Summer 2018/2019

Hello Beauties! I know, I know, it’s been an age. I’ve been unwell, busy and overwhelmed with the holidays. This post has been sitting in my scheduled posts for a month and I just haven’t had a chance to put it up. So for that, I apologise.

Today I wanted to talk about my Project Pan for the coming year. I’ve decided to do it seasonally, starting in December of 2018. I got the idea from Kitschsnitch but have tweaked it a little to suit my products and needs.

I’m going to focus on 6 products per season, with a total of 24 over the year. I’ll be aiming to pan;

  • 2 x Skincare Products
  • 1 x Base Product
  • 1 x Powder Product
  • 1 x Setting Spray
  • 1 x Miscellaneous Product

For the first season I’m going to include the Hylamide SubQ Anti Age Advanced Serum and the Sukin Rosehip Oil for my skincare. I find skincare really easy to pan as I use it everyday so I don’t think these will be an issue.

My base product will be the Artistry Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer. This primer has an added SPF so adding it into the warmer months makes more sense. It’s about half full so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it within 3 months.

My powder product will be the Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder. I use this as a bronzer for the most part, but it’s also good for setting my zinc tinted moisturiser so I’m hoping to at least hit pan if not finish it.

My setting spray will be the Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ spray. This won’t be difficult to use and I do enjoy it but I want to try some others that I have so it’s on the list.

My miscellaneous product this season is my Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel. This brush cleaner works well, but the scent can be occasionally overpowering and the dispenser really pisses me off. It’s also super expensive for what it is so I want to use it up.

At the end of the season, around the end of February, I’ll check in with my progress or completion and swap out products better suited to the next three month period or keep products that will continue to work.

Are any of you taking on a project pan for 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx


Mecca Cosmetica Illuminating Body Oil Review

Happy Friday Beauties! Today I’m talking about a product I never thought I’d be interested in, let alone like. I received the Mecca Cosmetica Enlightened Illuminating Body Oil ($25AUD for 50mL or $48AUD for 100mL available at Mecca) as a birthday gift when I placed an online order.

I actually received an 85mL bottle in a luxe birthday box which was super cute. I got this around the same time as the Fenty Body Lava was released and after seeing the reviews of that I wasn’t convinced this would be great. However, I’ve tried this quite a few times now and I actually love it.

It’s definitely an oil but it sinks into the skin and doesn’t leave residue all over your clothes or anything you touch. It has a lot of illumination it in so if that isn’t your scene then I wouldn’t recommend this. The dispenser is great and tedious. It’s great because it allows you to control the amount of product you use but it’s tedious because it’s almost too controlling.

I love the way this makes my skin look, a really healthy glow all over. It doesn’t require self tanner to make you look a little tan but if you do use self tanner it doesn’t shorten it’s longevity. In summer it’s suitable on its own but in winter I think it’d work well mixed in with a body moisturiser for extra hydration.

What are your favourite body oils or illuminating products? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Beauties xx


Project Pan: Update and for the New Year

Hello Beauties and welcome to another post. Today I wanted to update a little on my current project pan and let you know my thought process for my next project pan.

Firstly the update. There isn’t one. I’ve been in the middle of renovations and haven’t had much time for makeup. When I have had the time I’ve been wanting to try out new things or use what I know I love. So I’ve decided I’m going to add the products that have been left behind into my project pan for the next 12 months.

Which brings me to the new year. I’m going to take a leaf out of Kat’s book and do a seasonal project pan. I’ll focus on products that suit the weather more for a period of 3 months and then update on my progress. If I don’t manage to finish something and it does work well all year round then I’ll move it into the next seasons group of products.

I’ve chosen to include 6 products per season, giving me a total of 24 products for the year, if I manage to finish them all. I’m going to include;

  • 2 x skincare products
  • 1 base product (primer or foundation)
  • 1 powder (setting, blush, bronzer etc)
  • 1 setting spray
  • 1 miscellaneous item (face masks, body scrubs, hair masks etc)

I wanted to be realistic in my usage but also not too difficult. I think it’s entirely possible that I would finish 2 different skincare products in a 3 month period but using an entire powder product could prove challenging.

Each season will go from the actual seasons so the first quarter will start on December 1st 2018 and finish February 28th 2019. I’ll be doing a post at the end of the month listing my 6 products that I’m starting with.

What are your thoughts? Are any of you planning a year long project pan? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx


Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation First Impressions

Hello Beauties! Welcome to another post. You might have noticed that I didn’t post on a Friday last week, I’ve had a busy few weeks with house renovations and I just didn’t have the chance to write something worth reading. So today I’m posting a quick first impressions.

I recently went to a Mecca Maxima store to have my makeup done. I’ve been wanting to try out a new foundation for summer so I thought I’d get colour matched in the Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation ($52AUD for 48mL available at Mecca). It’s definitely heating up here in Australia and we’ve already had a few days over 30°C so I was wanting something that was matte, long lasting and sweat proof.

I have dry skin so I was advised to use this with a really hydrating and/or illuminating primer to avoid looking like the Sahara desert. Which I have to say, was a great tip. It’s described as a “comfort matte” foundation so it isn’t terribly drying, but on my skin it could be. I was shade matched to the colour Light Beige which is slightly darker than I normally wear, but I’ve been self tanning lately so it’s a perfect match for summer.

I find this foundation best applied with a flat top kabuki or buffing style brush. It may work well for others with a sponge but I prefer the finish with a buffing brush. I’ve been using it every day since I bought it and I’m loving the finish. It’s almost skin like, doesn’t settle too much in my fine lines and lasts. All. Day. I’ve been outside in disgusting heat, sweating up a storm and it doesn’t slide off my face or look ultra shiny. On days where it’s a little cooler I use a Hourglass powder to set my face but on warmer days I use the Mecca Max Banana Powder.

(Natural Lighting)

I only use one pump of the foundation, it’s definitely possible to layer it and build up the coverage, but I prefer a more natural finish. What’s the point of having flawless looking skin if it’s so thick it’s cracked in my smile lines and around my forehead?

(With a ring light)

I’m so glad I tried this foundation, everyone told me it wouldn’t be suitable because of my dry skin but I think summer is going to be much more comfortable this year now I’ve found something that lasts through the Australian heat.

Have any of you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx


Soap and Glory Brand Review

Happy Friday Beauties! Today I wanted to talk about some products I’ve tried from the brand Soap & Glory. They’re described as a fun loving cult British brand. They work puns into their product names without being overtly sexual and are super affordable. The best thing though, they actually work.

I’ve tried 5 products so far and I’m looking to try more ASAP! Firstly I have the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist ($6AUD for 1.5g). I’d describe this more as a balm than a gloss but it’s a great shade and doesn’t dry my lips out. I enjoy it for the days where I want to wear a nude lip but don’t want to deal with a lipstick or gloss.

(Image Source:

The second product I ever purchased was on a whim, the Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream ($4AUD for 50mL or $9AUD for 125mL). I bought the smaller size as a “waiting in line at the register” purchase and I’m so glad I did. This hand cream feels amazing, actually hydrates my skin and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. The smaller bottle lasted me well over a month of using it every night before bed and I’ve since repurchased the full size.

(Image Source:

Because of the success I had with the first two products I tried I thought I’d try a couple more. I ordered the Happy Pamper Gift Set ($9AUD each) which contains a Righteous Body Butter (50mL) and a Clean on Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel (75mL). I thought this would be the best way to trial products, in smaller sizes to see if they worked for me. I really enjoy both of these and am considering purchasing both in full size.

(Image Source:

The last product I tried is The Breakfast Scrub ($15AUD for 300mL). This scrub is AMAZING. It works great; a little goes a long way, my skin feels ridiculously smooth afterwards (even before I moisturise) and it’s sooo affordable compared to other body scrubs. I will definitely be repurchasing this body scrub again.

(Image Source:

A few products I’m looking to try next are Heel Genius ($10AUD for 125mL), Rich and Foamous Body Wash ($12AUD for 500mL) and The Righteous Butter Lotion ($17AUD for 500mL). I’m really glad I discovered this brand and I’m so impressed with everything I’ve tried thus far, I can’t wait to do my next Mecca order!

(Image Source:

(Image Source:

(Image Source:

Have any of you guys tried Soap & Glory? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx

NB: All prices are sourced from and are correct at time of publishing


YesStyle Haul

Happy Friday Beauties and welcome to another post! Today I’ve got a small haul from YesStyle to talk about. I’ve been hearing and seeing others try and review products from this site and I thought I’d give it a try.

About the Company

(Image Source:

I will say, the sheer volume of products available is overwhelming. It’s one of those sites where you can get sucked into the rabbit hole, emerging 3 hours later with a $200 shopping cart and no recollection of how you got there. I decided to focus on skincare and then within that, serums/essences/masks. I got 8 products totalling $99.43AUD. I did have a code to use that I received upon signing up so the total may differ to the individual prices listed. I also received a free product with my order.

First up I got 2 of the Litfly Reusable Silicone Mask Cover (one for me and one for a friend) listed as $4.59AUD each. These are supposed to be used to either keep your sheet mask in place so you can move around whilst wearing it, or to use over masks that sit on the skin and are washed off after a certain period of time.

(Image Source:

Next is the Laneige Sleeping Care Kit ($8.94AUD for 2 pieces). This kit contains the Water Sleeping Mask (15mL) and the Lip Sleeping Mask (3mL). I’ve enjoyed this kit so far, the lip mask leaves my lips feeling really soft and smooth, while the sleeping mask is a lighter moisturiser that isn’t as heavy as a night cream but still provides a great dose of hydration. I’ve found this to be a good compromise for night as it’s starting to warm up here and sometimes it’s too hot for heavier creams.

I also got a Farm Stay Grape Stem Cell Wrinkle Lifting Essence ($22.57AUD for 50mL). I quite like this essence. It dries down while still leaving the skin feel hydrated. I haven’t noticed and lifting properties to it, but I have also only been using it for a week, so who knows.

Next is the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence ($17.95AUD for 60mL). I haven’t tried this one yet as I opened the above one first, but the reviews on it are great so I’m looking forward to using it once the previous one is finished.

Another product I haven’t tried yet is the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner ($26.59AUD for 200mL). I’ve heard great things about this toner, from the reviews and YouTube videos. I’m waiting until my current toners are finished before I open this one up.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new sunscreen for the face, just to have options so I thought I’d try the Missha All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel ($15.91AUD for 50mL). This claims to have SPF 50+ and apply as a lightweight moisturiser. I used this for the first time yesterday and I was stoked with it. Not only did it apply like a really thin moisturiser, but it didn’t smell of sunscreen, it didn’t leave my skin greasy in ANY way and it didn’t sting my eyes like some sunscreens do. I feel like this one will be a continual, in bulk repurchase. My only complaint is that it’s only a 50mL bottle and in Australia, that would only last a week or two, depending on your lifestyle.

The last item I purchased was a Litfly Head band ($5.22AUD, grey colour). Mainly because it was cheap and I needed a new one. I really like it for the fact that it doesn’t move around my head, isn’t so tight it causes a headache and doesn’t mess about with my hair.

(Image Source:

The free product I received was a Skinfood Beauty In A Food Mask Sheet ($3.32AUD each). There are 23 “flavours” to choose from. I received the Green Tea flavour, which claims to contain vitamin C and catechin to make stressed and fatigued skin comfortable and healthy.

I’m pretty happy with YesStyle. I did find some things cheaper, elsewhere online, but I liked the convenience of getting multiple brands and products on one site. Shipping took about 2 weeks,not a huge deal considering it ships from Hong Kong, but anything longer than a week still annoys me. I’d definitely use YesStyle again, especially if these products end up being fantastic.

Have you tried YesStyle? What are you favourite products? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx


Mecca Cosmetica Pro Beauty Case Review

Happy Friday Beauties! You may (or may not) have noticed that I didn’t put up a post on Tuesday just gone. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and decided to commit to only one post a week. I might find the time to post more frequently now and again but for now, it’ll just be a definite once a week, on Fridays.

Today I wanted to do a bit of a shout out to a product I found recently and that I think is bloody awesome. It’s the Mecca Cosmetica Pro Beauty Case ($99AUD available at Mecca). My sister actually bought one and showed it to me on a recent trip away. I was struggling to keep all my skincare and makeup in my travel bag and she had so much room for activities!

(Image Source:

At first I thought it was an excessive amount of money for a cosmetics bag but it’s really practical and HUGE! It has 7 spaces for brushes, along with a cover that is lined in a PVC type material so that the brushes don’t dirty the bag.

(Image Source:

Inside is a removable zip up mesh bag, which is perfect for storing a small pack of makeup wipes, a micro fibre cleaning cloth and/or a headband.

(Image Source:

The best part of the entire thing though, is the bas of the bag. It’s quite deep and has adjustable compartments, so you can fit everything in, how you want it to fit in! I’ve included a photo below filled with my makeup, from primer to setting spray and everything in between.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this bag and I’m so glad I got it. I’m looking forward to seeing just how much I can fit in it the next time I go away. It’s also a great alternative to storing makeup if you don’t have a huge collection and want somewhere clean and compact to keep it.

What are your favourite types of travel cosmetics bags? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties xx